Our systems have been developed over a period of several years with the assistance of various experts in the fields of higher education both vocational and academic.
Our systems focus on managing the planning, organization, administration of students, and in particular it excels in comparison with our system with regards to student clinical placements module, as it provides aid in the allocation, monitoring and auditing of clinical areas.

A great deal of research and background information has been done with consultants, directors of education, placement, recruitment, registration managers, tutors and head of departments to produce a flexible, powerful and intuitive system at all levels. We are dedicated to the ongoing development of the software, listening carefully to user’s comments and maintain regular contact with our customers to generate ideas and to ensure that we are up to date with all ourcustomers needs. In keeping in regular contact with the government and customers we ensure that we are up to date with all the national requirements. 
The ARC system has the ability to deal with the administration of all types of nursing students, or any students that require allocations to placements which do not currently fit, in alternative University systems. The system can accommodate unlimited amount of students with appropriately defined relevant information, and is capable of maintaining and storing live and archive information for the full career history of all students. 
The ARC System fulfils the needs in three core areas:

  • Student Management.
  • Placement Management.
  • WEB access( ARC POW-NET and ARC PEP-NET)