The ARC TMS system replaces cumbersome paper based timesheets, saving both time and resources to Students and University Staff. TMS streamlines the process from capturing student attendance, the electronic timesheet submission and its approval by mentors to finally updating the Student’s attendance records on ARC. ARC TMS is a configurable system with the following facilities:

  • Daily recording of attendance by Students
  • Sign Off Mentor selection from existing ARC PEP mentors
  • Ability for students to add Sign Off Mentors to TMS
  • Electronic entry of student timesheets on a weekly, monthly or placement duration basis
  • Simple timesheet approval or rejection by mentors without need to log into the system
  • University Staff to provide final approval of Timesheet to be implemented into ARC
  • Access to all timesheets by University Staff at any time
  • Notification emails sent to Students or University Staff when timesheet status has changed
  • Extensive reporting options

ARC TMS can be utilized for any discipline and we are now looking at adding the TMS functionality to our new mobile application in order to enable students to record attendance whilst on the go, and allowing mentors to sign off attendance whilst on placement.