The ARC Intranet system manages the planning, organization, administration of Students, and in particular it excels in comparison with other system with regards to student clinical placements module, as it provides aid in the allocation, monitoring and auditing of clinical areas. Features of the system such as the automatic allocation function makes the system designed to increase efficiency in the administrative process.

The administration of Academic activities such attendance, assessment and course requirements are all captured in the system. The system holds comprehensive information in relation to course, placement environment and student personal details. The software is designed to assist with statutory reporting and production of flexible reports using key data. The ARC system comprises three core modules:

Student record management

The System maintains comprehensive demographic records for all students, past and present. The system has the ability to integrate biographical and personal details with central university student information system which is achieved through generic importing procedure (Site specific) that utilizes either an ODBC or ADO to connect to an external data source. It is then configured to match fields tables from ARC to field tables from the external data source. Examples of the common records kept are; personal details, past work experience, educational and professional qualifications, Details of all placements, absences, reason for absence, assessment/ examination results and student theoretical and practical attendance.

Placement Profiling

The ARC system has ability to record the details of student placement areas i.e. specialty, location tagging, maximum number of students and numerous information in relation to the placement. It is also capable of generating a suite of reports on all data entered on the placement module. The system shall record the following data in relation to placements:

  • Name of placement
  • Placement address
  • Type of placement
  • Category of placement
  • Current status of placement
  • Contact details of placement
  • Shift pattern of placement
  • Uniform requirements
  • Accessibility
  • Placement constraints
  • Audit details
  • Date audit completed
  • Date next audit is due
  • Student placement number allowed

Course Management

The ARC System has the ability to be customized to each academic institution in order to provide a comprehensive tool in the administration of all course requirements whether in relation to assessment or clinical placements. ARC provides an interactive facility to allocate students to study and practical experience placements. This is accompanied by an on-screen comparison of the placements being made, with the course plan. The system also warns if the placement does not provide the requested experience or if the maximum number of students accommodate at the proposed placement is exceeded, according to the universities own specifications. This process can also be achieved through the systems automatic allocation component. Our flexible reporting ability allows all courses current and future to be analyzed, to enable the academic institution university to predict its income and expenditure over a five-year period.