The government have introduced various quality review programmes to monitor and develop the quality of the practice learning environment, student support and assessment of practice, in areas where student nurses/midwives are undergoing practice placements. The ARC PEP system has been developed to assist institutions to achieve this. The criteria used in the PEP System is based on the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), Department of Health and Quality Assurance Agency standards/guidance for practice placements.

The information gained should be used to develop an action plan for improving and maintaining the quality of the learning environment. This action plan should be agreed between the clinical staff and the higher education representative, for which both parties have joint responsibility for its implementation and review. The ARC PEP-Net System provides information about practice environments in which students undertake practice learning. It is made up of 4 sections:

  • Geographical, health & safety data relating to the practice environment
  • Information about the learning environment and the learning opportunities available
  • A Register of mentors
  • An assessment of the areas capacity to take students

The system allows the various forms to be completed jointly by a Senior Clinical Practitioner, Link Lecturer, and placement facilitators. When the senior clinical practitioner logs on to the system, they are able to view or update the PEP but only to their own ward. When placement facilitator log on, they are able to view, update and approve the PEP (same as shown to each individual ward manager) that they are linked to. Once the PEP is approved synchronizing software will update the ARC System locally to the institution and subsequently updates (ARC POW-NET) therefore displaying the latest ward information to the student. For further information or a demonstration of the ARC PEP-Net System please contact us.



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