We work with our customers to ensure that we meet their support expectations and more importantly they meet their business objectives. 

One key fundamental objective which we take pride of in our company is excellent customer service. Our technical team have mastered a system for dealing and recording customer request, in order to audit our service and ensure speed and efficiency in response to customer requests.

Support calls can be logged either by phoning ARC or by logging onto our web support site and creating a ‘ Ticket’ both will result  in a 'ticket reference number’; this should be used in all communication with Arc support team.
Arc offers its customers a wide range of support levels to accommodate each clients business needs – our dedicated support team have the experience and expertise to ensure that all support queries are dealt with efficiently.


At Arc we offer 3 support levels;

  • Standard support
  • Extended support
  • Enterprise support

For more information about the 3 types of support levels please contact the office.


Each level of support tailored to each client’s needs. Our services include access to our telephone support helpdesk Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5:30pm. Further details of our support services can be available upon request.